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City: Yorkshire
Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Nuclear Blast

The essence of BAL-SAGOTH originally began in the late 1980s as one of vocalist/lyricist Byron's idealistic flights of fancy... a high concept project intended to take the form of a sublimely symphonic black/death metal band swathed in a lyrical concept of dark fantasy & science-fiction, inspired by the celebrated style of the grand pulp horror and fantasy literature of the 1930s, whilst simultaneously being infused with the baroque and arcane mysteries of ages long past and Byron's enduring fascination with ancient mythology and occultism.

After several unsuccessful attempts to get the project up and running, the idea was finally put into action in 1993 when Byron met the musicians and brothers Jonny and Chris Maudling, and after releasing a mysteriously apocryphal demo in the deep winter of 1993, Bal-Sagoth signed to London's Cacophonous Records, a sub-label of Vinyl Solution. Over the course of five years Bal-Sagoth recorded their celebrated First Trilogy of albums, comprising 1995's A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria, 1996's Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule, and 1998's Battle Magic.

Bal-Sagoth toured extensively to promote their trilogy of works, including successful European excursions with Sweden's Dark Funeral and Norway's Emperor, and a now legendary appearance at London's prestigious Astoria theatre, with Byron gaining a sponsorship deal with the UK's leading arms & armour suppliers Battle Orders Ltd in the process.

The band then signed to the German label Nuclear Blast and began the process of completing their planned six part saga, beginning with 1999's The Power Cosmic. This was followed up in 2001 with the band's fifth full length album, Atlantis Ascendant, and Bal-Sagoth immediately embarked upon the No Mercy festival tour of Europe alongside such bands as Marduk, Mortician, Amon Amarth and Vader, a tour which was swiftly followed by a further successful trek around Europe. Shortly thereafter, the legendary DJ John Peel discovered Bal-Sagoth, resulting in extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1.

In mid 2003 the band locked themselves away to write their much anticipated sixth album. The long awaited cataclysmic conclusion to the band's epic hexalogy, "The Chthonic Chronicles", was finally released through Nuclear Blast during the first quarter 2006, and received outstanding reviews from the worldwide music press, garnering many top scores and prestigious album of the month accolades.

Following the release of the sixth album, Bal-Sagoth played further successful live shows, including dates in England, a headlining festival appearance in the USA, and two wonderfully successful headlining gigs in Finland, all reinforcing their glorious worldwide legend.

Bal-Sagoth transcend all boundaries, striding over the limitations of the black metal genre like a great steel-thewed colossus. The mammoth Bal-Sagoth engine is fuelled with the mana of genius; epic and baroque sagas of darkest fantasy & science fiction set against a stirring orchestral metal soundtrack, multifaceted and exciting stories given the spark of thespian life and resonating within this grandiose musical soundscape... the key to a sublime artistic odyssey taking listeners on a journey to the infinite realms beyond. This is pure sinister and bombastic art the likes of which the world has never before seen! The peerless power of the mighty Bal-Sagoth is truly a wondrous and sublimely disturbing thrill-ride for all those brave and imaginitive souls who have ever craved music which is exciting, entertaining, enchanting and wholly enthralling!

No other band captures the imagination like Bal-Sagoth... no other band has carved for themselves such a unique place in the annals of musical history, reigning supreme as the true kings of bombastic baroque Britannic battle-metal! All hail Bal-Sagoth!

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